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#53.1. photo by audiopollination.
drone day 2016. photo by jackson reed.
painting by vivian mau.
audiopollination 40.3
FullSizeRender (1).jpg
april 2015.
november 2014.
august 2014.
april 2014.
april 2013. video by YOSH Photography.
december 2013. 
december 2012. video by iderdown.
poster by brooke willis
posters by brooke willis.
The Databats, iderdown, and Subterranea. Sunday, December 29, 2019 @ Handlebar 159 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON.
SLICE Records presents The Databats, Subterranea, Miserable Weekend, and iderdown. Sunday, February 17, 2019 @ Handlebar 159 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON.
The AMBiENT PiNG with iderdown + Botanicals + GENERAL CHAOS VISUALS. Wednesday, May 9, 2018 @ Handlebar 159 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON. 
Track Could Bend #37: Third Anniversary All-Star Spectacular featuring: Jakob Rehlinger, Craig Renaud, Luke Kuplowsky, Diane Roblin, Mira Martin-Gray, William A. Davison, Katie Jensen, Mani Mazinani, Matt Nish-Lapidus, Heidi Chan, Justin Huang Ford, Bea Labikova, Chris Trotter, Michael Keith, Kat Estacio + more. Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave. Toronto, ON. 
Track Could Bend #31: Nur Michael Keith / New Tendencies & Priya Thomas / iderdown + abigail trotsky. Tuesday October 3rd 2017 @ The Steady Cafe & Bar.1051 Bloor St W., Toronto, ON. 
Kulture 3 presents: 185668232 / Mandelbrut / Oblique / Hexzuul + IderdownThursday August 31st 2017 @ The Steady Cafe & Bar 1051 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON.
Cosmic Homeostasis IV feat. Ronnie Blake/Rob Cruickshank/Kayla Milmine/Paul Newman/Nilan Perera/Ted Phillips/Abigail Trotsky/Chris Trotter/Del Stephen/Joe Strutt/Laura Swankey. Sunday July 30th 2017 @ The Tranzac - Southern Cross Lounge 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON.


Audiopollination in association with  Array Space #53.1 Chris Trotter / Michael Spears / Abigail Trotsky. Saturday April 8th 2017 @ Array Space 155 Walnut Avenue, Toronto, ON.



"Dialogue for Three Voices" presents: Iderdown, Marcel Hoff, and a Renaissance Choir. Friday, September 23rd 2016 7pm-10pm @ Chuch of St. Stephen in-the-Fields 103 Bellevue Ave Toronto, ON.

The Music Gallery presents Drone Therapy (Part of National Drone Day). Group Drone. Saturday, May 28th 2016 @ The Music Gallery courtyard, 197 John St., Toronto, ON. Free / PWYC (proceeds to CAMH).

iderdown album release with organdrum, dirty inputs, iderdown, dj anna o, dj samesimilar. Tuesday May 17th 2016 @ Smiling Buddha 961 College St, Toronto, ON. 
Audiopollination in association with  Array Space presents a night of combustible improvised music featuring: 40.1 David Shelly/Dimitar entchev/Liam Gallagher; 40.2 Diane Roblin/Maxwell McEachern/Craig Aguilera; 40.3 David Jones/Andy Yue/ Chris Trotter; 40.4 Neil Wiernik/Michael Lynn. Saturday March 12th 2016 @ Array Space 155 Walnut Avenue, Toronto, ON.
iderdown, the databasts, aus!Funkt. Friday Februrary 26th, 2016 @ Mây Cafe 876 Dundas St. West Toronto, ON.   
the databats, iderdown, no step, aus!Funkt. Friday October 30th, 2015 @ Duffy's Tavern 1238 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON.
onewayness, Dirty Inputs, iderdown and Jacob Watters. Friday September 4th, 2015 @ Placebo Space 2877 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON.

Organdrum, Hexzuul, Havens and iderdown. Monday August 17th 2015 @ The Central 603 Markham St., Toronto, ON.
Fu-Teng Club presents: iderdown, kusabira, yaocave, papoose. Saturday May 23rd 2015 @ Psychic City 3655 Boulevard St-Laurent Montreal, QC.  
The AMBiENT PiNG presents: iderdown, naw, and jfm. Tuesday April 21st 2015 @ ratio 283 College St., Toronto, ON.  
the databats, mantragora, no step, and iderdown. Thursday April 9th 2015 @ Nocturne 550 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON. 
dirty inputs, iderdown. Wednesday January 14th 2015 @ The Holy Oak Cafe 1241 Bloor Street W., Toronto, ON.
deeper arcades, iderdown. Wednesday December 31st 2014 @ The Cavern Bar 76 Church Street, Toronto, ON.
iderdown, brady bothwell, dirty inputs, haolin munk. Thursday December 18th 2014 @ The Baltimore House, 43 King William Street, Hamilton, ON. ALL AGES.
nite comfort 15 presents: carlo conda, brady bothwell, and iderdown. Sunday November 2nd 2014 @ Handlebar 159 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON.
friends of friends presents: Deeper Arcades, iderdown, No Step, The Databats. Thursday October 23rd 2014 @ Handlebar 159 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON.

iderdown, Within, Blue Cougars. Thursday September 4th 2014 @ St Stephens-in-the-Fields. 103 Bellevue Ave. Toronto, ON. ALL AGES.

Artistic Anarchy presents: Bitter Fictions, Beard Closet, Datura Daydream, iderdown. Saturday August 16th 2014 @ Smiling Buddha (Basement) 961 College St. Toronto, ON.


iderdown. Sunday July 27th 2014 @ Handlebar. 159 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON.

Plant Syncatron Warp 10: Hot Planet and Killjoy Collection present: ANIMALIA, ELMS, garbageface, iderdown, Ghostconsole. Saturday May 24th 2014 @ Holy Oak. 1241 Bloor St. W. Toronto, ON.

MVMNT 1.003 presents: Roy de Vos, iderdown, Beautiful Spies. Friday April 4th 2014 @ Nocturne. 550 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON.
FREQ/SHIFT presents: Carpenter Keys, Spookyfish, Wizard of, iderdown and ArctiteSunday March 23rd 2014 @ The Central. 603 Markham Street. Toronto, ON.
Deeper Arcades, FATE ÆFFECT ,iderdown, Galib Khan Saturday, February 15th 2014 @ Duffy's Tavern 1238 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON.
Allisa Vox Raw, iderdown, Galib, Bucky James, and Deeper Arcades Saturday January 4th 2014 @ Measure 296 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON.
Galib, Bucky James, iderdown, and Deeper Arcades Thursday, December 12th @ The Central: 603 Markham Street Toronto, ON Canada.
iderdown & Placebo Space present: Galib, iderdown, and Deeper Arcades Thursday, October 24th @ Placebo Space: 2877 Lake Shore Blvd W., Etobicoke, ON Canada. 


Hot Planet Presents: Planet Syncatron - Warp 6 with Devan Boomen, Beetzzwax, DenMother and iderdown Friday May 31, 2013 @ Holy Oak: 1241 Bloor Street West Toronto ON Canada.

"I.LL SLEEP WHEN I.M DEAD" with iderdown Friday April 5, 2013 @ The White House Studio Project 277.5 Augusta Ave. Toronto ON Canada.

​Farragoes with Valerie Dour, Make Haste and iderdown Friday December 28, 2012 @ Holy Oak 1241 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON Canada.

UNTi_3.0: Voidfolk, Noble Savage, *Silver Mosaics, Baku Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ The Central 603 Markham Street Toronto ON Canada.

*Silver Mosaics, Motobeacon, Me and My Rhythm Box Saturday November 3, 2012 @ Smiling Buddha Bar 961 College St. Toronto ON Canada.
*Silver Mosaics feat. Chris Trotter, of iderdown​
Fresh Snow with Karaoke and iderdown Saturday January 28, 2012 @ Placebo Space 1409a Bloor St. W Toronto ON Canada. 

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